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Thanks for visiting and finding out about me!

– Eryka Rhodes (BA.Couns) (MACA, Lvl 4), Mindfulness facilitator

For the past 9yrs I have been a qualified and registered counsellor working with individuals, couples and families. Navigating with them in finding purpose, reframing, looking forward for improved relationship with them self and others.

Running a business takes time, energy, self strength, determination, discipline, growth with the occasional splash of self doubt – I continue to grow, learn, be honest and real to myself, which in turns keeps me authentic. Which is how Mindfully You came about, through listening to my clients about the importance of having tools and strategies to move through life’s obstacles and challenges.



From my two adorable daughters I have and continue to learn about personal reflection; they remind me on a daily basis about mindfulness, being in the now, and living each moment. As they enter their new phases (which feels like a daily trial) I am reminded of their uniqueness, being individual and how as a mother I can be their advocate and supporter.  Don’t get me wrong, this comes with a lot of deep breaths and frustrated verbal interactions, yet at the end of each day I know they know they are loved.

For us parenting is a partnership and, as supportive as my husband is, our relationship needs continual love and care as well and the effort and time that we put into our relationship is worth it. As my business grows and changes, so to does his work. Ensuring communication is open and honest, keeps the family unit together and us happy as individuals.

Together with my counselling qualification, previous professional work experience, life experiences, ongoing professional development, and facilitating Mindfulness workshops in schools and evening courses – I endeavour to learn each day and incorporate mindfulness into my every day.

Welcome to 2019. This year is about students, offering workshops and programs to help with the pressures of school and study. As a school counsellor and mindfulness coach, I have seen stress play out in many varied ways in the school setting. Which is why offering these programs are beneficial, learning techniques that can be applied anywhere, anytime. Please click here for Workshops that you and your family members may be interested in.

Yours Mindfully





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