A Night Out for Support for Mums 2014

It’s on again for the 3rd year and I am so excited that women come together in support and celebration.

Friday August 8th 2014. Same venue Mornington Golf Club from 7pm-10pm.
Enjoy a few hours of ‘time out’. Support for Mums & their families offers practical, emotional support for those in circumstantial crisis. Solely reliant on fund raising events, this one is no exception – however the twist is as an attendee you receive the pampering and goodies.


No time like the present…

At Bloom Networking meeting this month we introduced ourselves and our business, and we were also asked to share an achievable goal for the next month. Knowing my current workload, I could have taken an easy option, however I chose to challenge myself and tick something off my ‘to do’ list that had been there for over 12 months (yes, you read correctly).

The goal I verbalised (with trepidation) was “to write my first blog…..and upload it”. So with the hard part done of putting it out there so I am now accountable, it’s onto the next part of actually writing and finishing it.

The heading of this blog reads, No time like the present…

What is meant by the phrases “there is no time like the present”, “the here and now”, “paying attention to the present moment” or even “in the moment”? They all fall under the banner of Mindfulness. An increasingly popular, yet ancient approach that is said to improve general wellbeing and mental health.