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“I am genuinely grateful for the wonderful experience that you shared with our students. Anecdotally, students have rated your session very highly. They enjoyed the opportunity ‘to breathe’ and really felt like you understood what they had been experiencing” – Secondary school coordinator

“A really good course, lots of useful information and skills” – Lea (participant of Mindfully You course)

“….I like the way you emphasised the ‘doing’ rather than the theory, that’s exactly what we as workers in stress related work, really need the most” – team leader, organised team building workshop for staff members

“Loved it, feel like it’s just the start, loved it!” – Paul (participant of Mindfully You course)

“Eryka, I found your presence and delivery very calming and effective in maintaining the focus of mindfulness throughout the day…” – participant of staff development workshop

“A Beautiful 90mins each week to learn valuable tools, thank you” – Emily (participant of Mindfully You course)

‘Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful workshop with us, for teaching us to be aware of our baggage, how to turn our “stuff” into a positive and for all the fantastic tips. Your warm, caring and honest nature made it a great success, thank you’.                            – Bianca from Mindful Empowerment

‘You took me to a nice place tonight Eryka, thank you! I look forward to where this journey through your relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, takes me next :)’ – Adriana (participant of Relaxation,Meditation&Mindfulness course)

Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.

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