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Mindful Moments


Daily reminders of being mindful


Last year an idea came to me about sharing Mindful Moments.  Moments where we are fully aware of the present, being in the now – truly living it.  It has taken some time for it to come to fruition, in that I have sat on it for almost a year.  Without questioning too much as to why start it now, I am a believer that things happen for a reason, last year it wasn’t the right time.  Now, is the perfect time for me, as the daily mindful moments is also a therapeutic tool for me.  I am putting to practice what I counsel and facilitate.

As a counsellor, I offer strategies, tasks, ‘homework’ to my clients and I am aware of how difficult it can be to introduce a new thing, change a habit, or try something different to create new.  It takes discipline and effort.  Mindfulness in theory is easy, as it is about being present, living in the moment each moment, having awareness, observing without judgement.  Yet, when put into practice that effort and discipline is vital, and we realise that focussing on one thing without the mind wandering is abit more difficult than first thought.

One of my aims (besides setting myself the activity for self care) is to help others further understand and integrate mindfulness into their day. To notice by reading my mindful moments, it doesn’t have to be a 20minute meditation, it really can start with being aware of your self, physically, emotionally, socially. Mindfulness allows us to become more intune with our bodies, therefore having more control of how we feel and how we want to feel.

Each day, I will post my Mindful Moment on the Looking Forward Mindfully Facebook page and encourage you to share yours as well.  I hope you embrace your moments and start to notice them as they are happening.  Before you realise you will be utilising mindfulness a lot more than one moment.  Last week I observed and noticed that within myself there were some unpleasantness (in thoughts, feelings, mind states) , I listened to it without judgement and took charge of how I wanted to be feeling.  As I write this and have posted Day 3 Mindful moment, I am observing and noticing far more pleasant…..Why?  I put effort and discipline into being mindful.

Take care