About Me

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– Eryka Rhodes (BA.Couns) (MACA, Lvl 4), Counsellor & Mindfulness facilitator

Since 2010 I have been a qualified and registered counsellor working with individuals, couples and families. Navigating with them in finding purpose, reframing and looking forward for an improved relationship with them self and others.

As the years go by, the business I built continues to grow. It has been challenging and fulfilling seeing the transition my business takes. Mindfully You became a reality  through listening to my clients about the importance of having tools and strategies to move through life’s obstacles and challenges. My counselling incorporates informal mindfulness and I enjoy stepping into the facilitator role to offer experiential based techniques. As of this year, 2021 Mindfully You expands with the addition of Hypnotherapy. Enabling me to be able to support you beyond the traditional talk therapy. I look forward to being able to offer initial discount sessions. 

Over the last 4 years I have counselled in a secondary school setting, sitting with students ages 12-18. Adolescents go through enough transition and adjustment developmentally. I have seen an increase in stress, anxiety, impulsive behaviours, anger, self harm and suicidal thinking. Having youth sit in their vulnerability and pain isn’t easy – yet I feel honoured each and every time I hear their story.

Which is why I have extended my counselling services to another location – Bornonia. I will be situation at Redefine Life, 171 Boronia Road, Boronia seeing youth aged 13-18 as well as continuing individual sessions with adults and couples. Working with families is also important, this helps families to repair and support each other when there is a deeper understanding around their dynamics.


I am a mother of 2 daughters and like the parents I have appointments with. I too am learning about how to parent adolescents, watching them grow and learn. It is not an easy journey being a parent when you see your child in pain or unhappy. We are compelled to want their pain to end or take it from them. The best we can do, however, is to let them know that we are there to support and love them, and will do whatever we can…..what we can’t do is take away their pain. From a mindfulness perspective, we need to feel the unpleasant as well as the pleasant.

For us parenting is a partnership and, as supportive as my husband is, our relationship needs continual love and care as well and the effort and time that we put into our relationship is worth it. As my business grows and changes, so to does his work. Ensuring communication is open and honest, keeps the family unit together and us happy as individuals.

Together with my counselling qualification, previous professional work experience, life experiences, ongoing professional development, and facilitating Mindfulness workshops in schools and evening courses – I endeavour to learn each day and incorporate mindfulness into my every day.

Welcome to 2021. This year is about coping, looking for the fun and enjoyment in what we do. Navigating what was (2020) and do the best to assist with people adjusting back into a new norm. Mental wellness is on going, and we need to work on it everyday.

Yours Mindfully

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