It’s all in the smile

How are you?

I wanted to check and see how things are going.


Life as we know can get busy, which can result in feelings of stress, overwhelm, and dis-ease. What I am hearing quite a bit in and out of my workspace is that of lacking motivation, procrastinating, and just not being enthused by much.

Whether this is you or someone you know, here are some things that could be helpful to shift out of that ‘stuckness’ into momentum.

1. Smile. put a smile on your face and notice a mood shift and body relax

2. Think about one task that you can do today, that will give you a sense of achievement (keep it manageable)

3. Write that one task down and when you want it done by (accountability)

4. Reward. What is something you can do for yourself once that task is complete? Ie: sit and watch Netflix, buy a coffee, read some of that book, call a friend, go for a walk, have a nap

5. When the task is done, tick it off and enjoy the reward you have chosen

6. Notice how you feel once the task is complete. Was it as hard as you first thought? was it easier once started? did the time go quickly as you gained focus?

7. Ask yourself if the effort was worth making

8. Start thinking about other tasks that you have been putting off

9. Make a list of tasks, when to complete them and what the reward will be

10. Smile and be proud

These may seem quite simple, but when we are lacking energy and focus, thinking straight can be hard work. Be kind to yourself and take it step by step, and remember to smile, as a smile is said to activate neural messaging boosting your mood, health, and happiness. How great is that?

Take care of your self and if you have any comments or questions please let me know.

Regards, Eryka

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