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MU_main_graphicguide to self-awareness through mindfulness

Experience Mindfulness by learning what it is, why it’s beneficial and how becoming more self aware improves your mind and general wellbeing.    

Learn practical techniques in Mindfulness of breath, body, thoughts and feelings.
Self-awareness in breath, body, thoughts and feelings will offer you the ability to go through each day calmer and more in control of what you need.  Each week you will be guided through techniques that can be done in a few minutes up to 20minutes.  Start building your toolkit with mindfulness.

 Year 11& 12 students embarking on the final two years of school. The 4 week program offers the space to learn tools to reduce stress, overwhelm, anxiety to create space for improved focus, motivation and clarity. 

By being more aware of self in breath, body, thoughts and feelings, it enables for regulating and being more present. 4 sessions of 1.5hrs will include relaxation and techniques that can be used anytime any day, including in the classroom.


Let us come to you – For schools – whether it be one session or more. Mindfully Youth can offer mindfulness based sessions for your students. Fun, interactive, sessions where students learn techniques to calm the mind, by understanding how their minds can be caught up in thoughts.

Secondary students, ages 13-17

As your child embarks into the next year of secondary, whether it be navigating socially, focus on study or generally wanting to ease stress, this workshop offers tools to gain insight.  Through guided techniques, experiencing what it feels like to be calm, these mindfulness based tools can help in all aspects of life now and forever.

Primary students, ages 9-12

Through mindfulness based techniques and games, they will learn to be more self-aware.  When they are stressed, anxious, sad, happy or need to re focus and concentrate they will be able to use their breath, body, thoughts and feelings to self manage and be better.  Parents are welcome for the last 20mins to experience a mindfulness technique – great resource for the whole family.

Just for the boys – if your son is intrigued but doesn’t want to be the only boy in the group, there will be sessions just for the boys.

Venue -Mornington Peninsula based

Holiday Program Fun:For the kids….are you aged 10-12?  Would you like feel calmer, less stressed, more productive and focussed with your school learning?  This fun interactive 1.4hr workshop will be just what will help you manage your overwhelming sensations. A small class size – so talk to your parents about booking your spot.  $0 investment and material included.  Book here




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Further workshops will be posted as dates become available. 2016 Calendar will be posted shortly. 2hour evening and weekend times/days will be available. Venues will be in the Mornington/Tyabb/Mt Eliza area.

Relationship Re-connect  – understand what relationships mean to you through becoming aware of what you do with your ‘baggage’. We all have it, it’s what we do with it that matters.  Through this 2.5 hour workshop, you will learn more about yourself and what you can do to use your ‘baggage’ to improve your relationship not hinder it.  Mindfulness techniques and other activities allow you to go home with tools to start making the changes you want to see in the relationship with yourself an others.

Communicate – whether it be with your partner, colleague, children or yourself, communication is important to get a message across.  Words can be misinterpreted with meanings leading to arguments and hurt.  With the communication steps, you will navigate your way through any conversation without the heightened emotion taking over.  This 2.5 hour workshop uses exercises and opportunity to  find out what sort of communicator you are and the type you want to be.  Words are heard and listened to….it’s how they are communicated that makes the difference.

Stress Less – Stress finds itself manifesting in a lot of ways. Stress has a lot of faces to it.  If you ask yourself how stress sits with you, do you know when you are stressed and when it is at a healthy range or not?  This workshop in 2 hour will have you combatting your stress triggers through Mindfulness meditation techniques.  Techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere and you will feel better for it as you will have your stress manageable.

Rushing Calmly – It’s all in the mindset.  Acknowledging and checking in with our mindsets, allows us to change how we are in any given situation.  Life is busy, we hear that from everyone.  You can still have the life you lead, but feel calmer in it.  This 2hour workshop will offer mindfulness techniques specific to mindstates, so you can check in with yourself and adapt accordingly…all while still on the move.

Mindfulness for parent and child – How would a 2.5 hour workshop sound where you can come with your child?  Both of you can learn techniques in Mindfulness that will improve learning ability, better concentration, more clarity, less anxious with school and therefore a calmer household. Primary and Secondary sessions.

Mindful Family – Enjoy a few hours together as a family experiencing mindfulness techniques that you can take home and continue practicing. By learning as a family, you grow as a family.  Support each other and practice together for a calmer household and non verbal bonding.

MU_youth_graphicMindfully Youth – Activity based session that offers each child a safe, fun environment to experience sense of calm, noticing own feelings and mind states, through techniques providing a wonderful basis of self awareness.  Suited for ages 8-12yrs.

MU_corporate_graphicMindfully Corporate – Staff development programs structured to your organisational needs. From 2hrs to full days, we can tailor programs on site and off site tailored to your budget and requirements.

Contact Eryka on 0414 738 048 or click here


Approved and accredited by Peninsula Mindfulness Inc, to run the Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness course it is a wonderful way to be introduced to or further develop your mindfulness.

Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness – Mornington

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Relaxation Meditation Mindfulness course
Peninsula Mindfulness Inc

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Have you been intrigued by Mindfulness and how it can improve your wellbeing?

Seeking another support method to get through a day?
Want to be more calm and relaxed?

The benefits are great no matter how you use the tools – whether you are wanting to increase your meditation time, or incoporate being present more often, or become more intune with your own being – this course enables you to experience first hand what mindful meditation, relaxation can be for you.

RELAXATION reduces stress and increases wellbeing
MINDFULNESS reduces anxiety and depression and increases focus
MEDITATION develops calmness and increases happiness.

Any questions please contact course leader
Eryka on 0414 738 048